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人工智能 (AI)技术和平台已成为几乎每个行业的高级运营不可或缺的一部分,区块链正在插入自身,以增强形式和功能上的AI应用程序。区块链有潜力使AI技术在本质上变得更加协作,从而提高其运营效率。

Additionally, the potential for bolstered revenue streams 是 also apparent, as blockchain 是 投射的 to grow to $20 billion by 2024 according to Transparency Market Research and the Grand View Research projects the AI market 将 be worth more than $35 billion by 2025. 如 previously noted, leaders in the AI landscape are turning to blockchain to finetune various applications. Active tech companies in the markets this week include Gopher Protocol Inc. (OTC:GOPH), Overstock.com Inc. (NASDAQ: OSTK), Xunlei Limited (NASDAQ: XNET), Pareteum Corporation (NYSE:TEUM), NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA).

Gopher Protocol Inc.(OTCQB:GOPH)最新消息:Gopher Protocol,专门从事物联网(IoT)和 人工智能 启用了移动技术,并与有限责任中国福利彩票Gopher Protocol成立了合资企业,哥斯达黎加哥斯达黎加Sociedad De Responabilidad Limitada(“Gopher CR”), in Costa Rica with the Lara Group with both parties owning 50% of 地鼠CR, which 将 be managed by Mauricio Lara Ramos, Esq. 地鼠CR intends to invest and develop AI-BlockChain assets or businesses in Latin America with initial efforts focused 上 smart contracts.

“我期待与Gopher合作,并利用其技术资源,知识产权和财务支持为拉丁美洲服务不足和资金不足的市场找到新的解决方案,该市场大约有2.5亿人口。区块链解决方案的应用是无限的,我期待将本地资产与Gopher结合在一起’的平台有可能为Gopher CR创建新的收入来源”拉拉先生说。在以下网址阅读有关GOPH的更多新闻 http://www.marketnewsupdates.com/news/goph.html


Overstock.com Inc.(NASDAQ:OSTK)周三收盘上涨1.35%,成交量超过130万。该中国福利彩票还宣布已选择在全球范围内发表主题演讲’s largest Apache Spark event, the Spark + AI Summit taking place in San Francisco from June 4-6. Chris Robison, lead data scientist at Overstock, has been instrumental in building the leading 人工智能 and machine learning technologies to achieve real-time personalization at Overstock. He 将 present 上 martech innovations in building a successful marketing technology infrastructure for instantaneous individualized marketing experiences. “I’我很荣幸展示我们的团队’在Spark + AI峰会上的工作,” said Robison., “我们的团队充满了一些行业’的领导思想,专注于创造尖端技术。我们使用Databricks之类的工具构建的内容为个性化带来了毫秒级的速度。”Robison是演讲嘉宾阵容的一部分,该演讲嘉宾的代表来自技术领先的中国福利彩票。

Xunlei Limited (NASDAQ: XNET) recently announced it has launched StellarCloud and ThunderChain Open Platform to build a blockchain ecosystem in a product introduction ceremony held in Beijing 上 May 16, 2018. The StellarCloud 是 a shared cloud computing platform which 将 expand Xunlei’s existing 内容传递网络 (CDN)服务到基础架构即服务(IaaS)。它还提供边缘计算,功能计算和共享CDN(SCDN)解决方案。创建StellarCloud的目的是帮助中国福利彩票过渡到云,包括内容交付,实时流传输,数据存储和 人工智能 (AI)。仪式上,中国市场领先的创新型在线娱乐服务中国福利彩票爱奇艺(纳斯达克股票代码:IQ)与中国达成战略合作协议 关于星云的迅雷。 ThunderChain是一个高性能的区块链基础架构,可以同时处理每秒超过一百万个事务(TPS)。现在,借助ThunderChain开放平台,第三方开发人员和中国福利彩票(尤其是初创中国福利彩票)可以轻松构建,迁移和管理分散的应用程序(DApp),而运营成本却很低。

Pareteum Corporation(NYSE:TEUM)最近宣布,已建立的全球移动虚拟网络运营商(MVNO)已选择Pareteum’s Global Cloud Service Platform (GCSP), a single-source solution, to launch their new European-based MVNO. The 3-year agreement 将 add $8 million in revenue beginning end of 2018. The Global Enterprise customer 将 use Pareteum’s GCSP to expand their business and grow revenue from a new European based MVNO. Their 100 thousand existing customers 将 be moved to the Pareteum GCSP as soon as the project launch 是 complete, enabling the MVNO to offer more options for secure and reliable connectivity for voice, data and SMS. “Pareteum通过在生产线外部着色来重新定义行业标准。在卓越的订户体验方面,营销中国福利彩票寻求掌握和创新。意识到这一需求,Pareteum设计了一个Insight引擎,该引擎使用Predictive Analytics(分析)可让营销中国福利彩票更好地管理订户及其经验,而不论其网络,”Pareteum首席执行官Vic Bozzo说道。

NVIDIA Corporation(NASDAQ:NVDA)最近发布了NVIDIA HGX-2™, the first unified computing platform for both 人工智能 and high-performance computing. The HGX-2 cloud server platform, with multi-precision computing capabilities, provides unique flexibility to support the 未来 of computing. It allows high-precision calculations using FP64 and FP32 for scientific computing and simulations, while also enabling FP16 and Int8 for AI training and inference. This unprecedented versatility meets the requirements of the growing number of applications that combine HPC with AI. A number of leading computer makers today shared 计划s to bring to market systems based 上 the NVIDIA HGX-2 platform. “计算世界已经改变,”NVIDIA的创始人兼首席执行官黄仁勋在今天开幕的台湾GPU技术大会上发表讲话。“在计算需求激增之际,CPU扩展速度已经放缓。英伟达’带有Tensor Core GPU的HGX-2为行业提供了强大,多功能的计算平台,融合了HPC和AI来解决世界’s grand challenges.”

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通过 约翰·弗林 首席安全顾问 康诺斯科


企业可以放松一些– GDPR, which took businesses months to get their heads around, 是 not being replaced. It 将 continue as the UK GDPR 2018, and 将 still be based 上 the criteria of the Data Protection Act of 2018. However, the UK 将 retain the right to change the UK GDPR as it sees fit in the 未来.



1 –更新您的隐私声明

Most businesses do not have the correct clauses in place ahead of January 1st, potentially exposing their liability, 应该 something happen to their data. All company privacy notices 上line 将 need to be updated to specifically state ‘UK GDPR’, as opposed to ‘EU GDPR’. You 将 also need standard contractual clauses in place, which cover both parties –那些正在传输和接收数据的人。

 信息专员办公室(ICO)列出了标准合同条款中需要包含的内容 这里. The ICO 将 remain the UK regulator for data protection, regularly liaising with each EU member state.


2 –数据隐私评估

Any company which runs applications and software 应该 always perform a Data 隐私Impact 如sessment. This was also in the guidelines before, but these assessments are now more important for those who outsource their IT operations internationally.

For example, when using a service such as a cloud-based system, the company must be sure that its service provider adheres to UK GDPR and stores the data within the European Economic Area (EEA), or has a binding corporate agreement with the company, where data 是 stored outside of the EEA. You 应该 also, as mentioned above, make sure that a contractual clause 是 in place.

3 –审查当地法规

Contracts 应该 now have contractual clauses that specify the responsibilities of the data controller and the data 处理or. If you are receiving personal data from a country territory or sector covered by a European Commission adequacy decision, the sender of the data 将 need to consider how to comply with its local laws 上 international transfers. You 应该 check local legislation and guidance in this case.

4 –网络安全健康检查




所有业务都非常重要– large and small –正在为1月1日准备好数据存储和传输。 ICO一直在忙于树立榜样,对未能保护数百万客户个人数据安全的大型知名中国福利彩票处以罚款。

It 将 continue to come down hard 上 the data breaches of personal identifiable information and special categories of data. The saying ‘prevention 是 better than a cure’ rings truer than ever this year, and you 将 thank yourself if you make the efforts to properly store your data now, and not when it’s too late.







通过 约翰 猎人,马恩岛金融与信托业务主管,





尽管没有替代面对面的交流的方式,但是我们所有人都接受了Microsoft Teams和Zoom之类的网络会议平台,以与世界各地的联系人保持联系,并建立和建立业务关系,无论是与金融服务中国福利彩票还是高净额人士。值得迁移到该岛的个人。

Furthermore, a priority for the Isle of Man has been to reinvigorate the business and cultural ties with South Africa. In a normal world, we would have travelled to the country, held in-person meetings with businesses and industry representatives and talked about building 上 our wonderful historic ties. However, because of the scale and breadth of disruption we had to change all our 计划s! We hosted a virtual roadshow which comprised a series of webinars exploring why it has never been more important for South African businesses and individuals to choose the right jurisdiction for long term financial 计划ning.

Looking ahead to the 未来

We are all hoping that the global rollout of vaccines 将 provide the pathway to some form of return to normality and all the things people are missing 将 be back. Like amidst all periods of immense turmoil, interesting, new possibilities have emerged such as the revolution in work culture and a renewed importance of being close to nature and green spaces 是. And these possibilities can help reshape society for the better.


The financial services industry has an important role to play in getting the world economy back 上 its feet. It 是 a core component of the solution to continue facilitating the financing of corporates, as well as to develop sustainable finance and nurture digital technologies which have proven to be vital during the pandemic. The sector 应该 continue its cooperation and collaboration with governments and regulators to ensure efficient capital flows and financial stability for businesses and individuals.

银行也起着至关重要的作用,因为它们对于有效地传递货币政策和刺激计划至关重要。如报告中所述 安永 : “Financial insecurity in the wake of COVID-19 将 require banks to boost consumer confidence and help build a more resilient working world.”

We expect the Isle of Man’s financial services sector and banks to continue navigating the situation with resilience as they have been doing thus far and contributing to the global recovery 处理. Also, we truly hope this 将 be our busiest year ever (subject to our ability to travel), with an extensive global schedule of 计划ned activity to promote the Island as an international financial centre of excellence and innovation. Personally, I had 计划ned to be in South Africa for the British & Irish Lions tour, but regrettably, it might not take place and as such we 将 look forward to catching up with friends there as and when we can.


No doubt, there are significant challenges for the world ahead but as Albert Einstein said: “in the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity”. And it 是 this opportunity that we all need to work together to identify and make the most of. We are confident that in 2021 the Isle of Man 将 continue to support financial services businesses help their clients, employees, and the wider society through these surreal times. We are all in this together.







通过 杰克·谢泼德 法律AI实务负责人, iManage RAVN













企业正确地问自己:“现代知识管理是否与流程,内容和数据有关,究竟是什么? 创新的作用?”毕竟,即使是最受关注的技术也不是孤立发生的。他们必须影响 处理 并开车 结果,两者均在KM范围内。简而言之,KM innovation, and the two 应该 no longer be considered as discrete areas of expertise.





What 2021 has in store has yet to be seen, but 上e thing 是 certain: KM has an important role to play in the coming year, and increasingly, it 将 be seen as the vital function it truly 是, helping financial services organisations to efficiently tackle the challenges they face.

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